Seacrest Computer Clinic

Computer Repair Boynton Beach

Computer Repair Boynton Beach

Seacrest Computer Clinic has been in the computer repair business since 1999. That is around the time Windows 98 was released. We have been keeping up and supporting the desktop version releases since then. Our knowledge of the Microsoft products are deep. This allows us to fix problems that lesser shops cannot cope with. 

Computer repair Boynton Beach is what it is all about for Seacrest Computer Clinic. We are local. We are experienced. We have been fixing PC’s and Laptops for over 25 years. We are knowledgeable. We are easy to find. We are stable. We have great Google reviews from local Boynton Beach customers.

The reasons to use our services are many. We however, must prove our worth one customer at a time. We are not satisfied on resting on our past success. New PC repair / Computer Repair challenges develop daily. Allow us to handle those challenges. You will be glad that you did! Contact us at:


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